Time Management Strategies For Online Business

It’s  easy to be caught up in busy work schedule and let the real income producing tasks go unnoticed when you are building your online business. That’s why you need to put yourself on a strict business diet plan. A business diet simply put, is a means of effective time management. 

When you put yourself on a business diet, you must be very focused on the tasks you are performing during a specified period. For example; I run a business on the computer from my home. When I was first building my online business, I often found myself working 12 hour days with little to show for it. I was doing busy work, not accomplishing the tasks that would produce income. It was a matter of working harder, not smarter.

Does this sound familiar? If so, count yourself in good company. This is a common problem among people who work at the comfort of their home. I call it the Shiny Syndrome. It is too easy to be pulled this way and that every time something shiny rolls across our computer screen. It requires dedication, excellent time management skills, and laser sharp focus to overcome these shiny obstacles. If you find yourself chasing those shiny things instead of being productive, put yourself on a business diet.

Set a specific number of hours that you will work every day. Without time constraints, you are giving yourself permission to take all the time you need to accomplish your tasks. Set a timer for each planned task and focus on nothing but that task until your time is up. You will see how focused this will force you to become.

Limit how often you check your email. By only looking at your email in the morning and again before you quit for the day, you will be shocked at how much more you will accomplish.

Limit the time you spend on social media. Most highly successful people pop in and out of Twitter, Facebook and Linked In a few times a day, but limit the time they spend there. You should use a service that will allow you to organize your social networks in one place such as HootSuite, Ping.FM or TweetDeck. These social media management tools will also enable you to pre-schedule posts and post to multi-networks at one time.

Turn off the bells and whistles. This goes for your cell phone too. Those alerts make checking your email or running to see who said what on Twitter every time you hear a ping or beep irresistible. Turn them off.

You can learn and implement the time management skills it takes to build a successful online business. It only takes a little planning and discipline.

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