Be an Indispensable Virtual Assistant

It’s not possible that you can find even one virtual assistant that didn’t need a permanent job or client, where every hour at work counts. However, what used to be a playground for a handful of professional virtual assistants for continuous flow of VA work is now seemingly saturated with other VA’s vying for the same. Suddenly, work seems difficult to find, and whenever they do, you can hardly count on it to last.

Amongst other things that you simply concern yourself with your VA career, the condition of being Indispensable Virtual Assistant occupies your mind. You may or may not agree that this idea is even possible, but then again you do wish to feel very much valued by your boss or your client that letting you go would be the last thing they would do.

Become flexible

We hear a lot of virtual assistants carrying out work outside of their job description. Never complain right away but rather take that new work as a paid possibility to learn something new that afterward could get you a promotion or increased market value. This will demonstrate your capability to provide excellent job regardless of the circumstances. If the new position leads to the specialized responsibility which you have the potential to understand, then discreetly speak to your employer or boss for a possible rate increase for greater job responsibilities.

Own your employer or client’s business

Even as a virtual assistant, you may still “own” your employer or client’s business by becoming thoroughly knowledgeable about its industry and customers and also its particular client’s pain. If you know more than just the details that were offered for you, then you’ll have better familiarity with the significance of the tasks at hand even if in the beginning the tasks seem to be non-essential.

Be and act as a thought leader

When the issues surrounding the industry of your employer or client has some public relevance to it, then be empowered enough to “echo” that message to anyone you know – in blogs or social media. Do not underestimate your capability to create an impact even at your work level, along with the power of the internet to resonate an appropriate message far and wide.

Being a good team player as well as an independent worker

Your employer or client will thank you for your efforts if you could show equal ability in producing quality work as a soloist or as a team member. Your competencies will be notable even in teamwork when you are aware how to collaborate and then make efficient use of your thoughts together with others.

Be the go-to person

While generalist gets the job, specialist keeps the job. By focusing on skill, you create a premium for your work in the eyes of your client and co-workers, in that you then become the favorite employee to go to. Take note of critical work that matters much to the business of your client; then you might want to master that not only to prove that you now take it upon yourself to be responsible with “results” but will also help make your service highly indispensable.

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