Best Ways to Have Your Own Virtual Assistant Staff

The first question that would probably pop out is: Where can I find my virtual assistant? There are two primary ways that most business owners utilize these days – hiring freelancers and hiring from a virtual staffing company. To help you assess which of these options will work better for you here is a brief comparison of the two. 

The internet will be the main component that will make each choice possible. There are already various websites where interested freelance virtual assistants post their qualifications and contact information. Mostly, it can be hard to believe the simplicity of such process, but yes, hiring a virtual assistant can just be an e-mail or phone call away. In the same way, various virtual staffing solution companies are also ruling the cyberspace these days because the competition lies in topping the search engines to earn more clients. 

Freelancers are specifically recommended for home-based business owners who have ample time to look after a virtual staff. It will be a direct interaction or working relationship between the client and the team, thus requiring a reliable monitoring system. Virtual staff service, on the other hand, are those that serve as the intermediary between the staff and the client. As a business owner, you need not go through all the process of looking for resumes as this is already one of their core services. This kind of set-up is most recommended for busy businessmen who do not have all the time to manage a staff virtually. 

Regarding cost, these two options also vary significantly. Naturally, when you partner with a virtual assistant company, you would have to pay for various costs like infrastructure, set-up fee, employee benefits, and so on. A freelancer won’t apparently ask for such since all they need is their computer and fast internet connection. However, the assurance of commitment and guaranteed output is lacking when hiring a freelancer, compared to virtual staffing companies that always make sure they have a backup staff for every client. 

Take a look at your business status and business needs. If it is massive enough, that you think is impossible to handle by yourself, then consider a virtual staffing company’s assistance. However, for small and short-term tasks, hiring a freelancer is a good start, already. Either way, a remote staff can still help you enjoy more luxury time than you used to have.

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