Hello There! How are you doing today. My Name is Erastus and I wish to welcome you here to my website VirtualHelpmate.Net.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

— Albert Einstein

How did I get the Idea of starting this blog?

Well, I could say I started this blog just for fun or the pressure from my wife or because I’m an IT Expert. Hell no, I’ve been working online for some years as a Freelance Virtual Assistant and internet marketer (If you feel you need an extra hand in your online business, please talk to me or view my Upwork profile here) and I felt I should pass this knowledge and experience to others who might want to venture into online jobs and again offer a helping hand to those in need of assistance(Clients) reducing the amount of time they spend on administrative and managing tasks while helping them to achieve a better work/life balance.

I want to make sure that newbie freelancer don’t end up suffering the same fate I did while I was venturing into Freelancing world. I want to share some stories that will make you feel comfortable and eager to explore what it feels working at the Comfort of your House. Again, I want to offer my skills, knowledge and time to clients in need of quality assistance on their day today online businesses.

I have a lot to share on the world of freelancing, and I know that it can be dry so we’ll try to keep it lively and fresh here.

If you really have questions about anything I cover, you can always contact me — I love answering questions, publicly or privately. If you give me permission I’ll even put your question on my blog and answer it so everyone will benefit from the information!